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Case Study: Why I Switch To Using Bamboo Toothbrush

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Author: Hai Le

Updated on May 2, 2024 β€’ Estimated read time: 4 minutes

Have you been tempted to switch to using a bamboo toothbrush? A couple of months back, that was the exact feeling I had. Just like you, I always want to reduce my plastic consumption but haven't given myself a chance to do anything about it.

Everyone around me didn't seem to care about plastic waste at all. So I grow up just like most people. I used plastic toothbrushes my entire life without knowing any alternative for it.

Thanks to the internet, we now know that there is an alternative to plastic toothbrush. So in this blog, I'm going to share with you my story of why I switched to using bamboo toothbrush, and hopefully, you'll find inspiration out of this story and do the same.

Why I Switch To Using Bamboo Toothbrush

After reading numerous online articles about how plastic pollution is impacting our human health and wildlife. I came across things like stainless straws, no plastic bags, buying in bulk, then eventually, bamboo toothbrush.

Stories like Emma Priestland, a plastic-free campaigner at Friends Of The Earth, told HuffPost UK. "Four years ago, I saw a photo of a toothbrush inside the belly of an albatross chick and stopped using plastic toothbrushes." Really moved me into using a bamboo toothbrush.

I found an article written by National Geographic, where they discovered that most plastic toothbrushes are not recyclable since the composite plastic used to create them doesn't break apart efficiently, and their small part could get stuck in the machine. (This means they'll either end up in the landfill for the next hundreds of years or make their way into our ocean).

I also found a study done by The Environment Health Perspective, showing that most plastic products, including BPA-free products, leach estrogenic chemicals when they are stressed. So by letting the plastic toothbrush come into contact with my mouth, it has a higher chance of scratching the plastic toothbrush and the plastic could be leaching off chemicals into my mouth.

I did not realize this at first, but because of using bamboo toothbrush, I don't have to put plastic in my mouth for 2 times a day.

Summary: While using a plastic toothbrush, you're not only increasing your plastic consumption, but you're also increasing the risk of chemicals leaching into your mouth. So after discovering about bamboo toothbrush, I just don't feel like putting plastic in my mouth twice a day anymore.

Woman holds bamboo toothbrush and soda powder in her hands

What I Learn After Using Bamboo Toothbrush

It's been about 7 months since I started using bamboo toothbrush, and I must say that I found an awesome alternative to the plastic toothbrush. It helps reduces my plastic consumption, while improving my oral health.

My bamboo toothbrush is very similar to any manual plastic toothbrush, I guess the only difference is the material used to make the handle. I learn this by trying many different brands, but if you purchase your bamboo toothbrush at Ecopify. The bamboo toothbrush will come in a cardboard box that can be recycled or composted.

I enjoy brushing my teeth even more now all thanks to bamboo toothbrush. Every time I brush my teeth, I experience a sense of responsibility and motivation. I really hope those of you who read this blog post will give it a try. Not only do you're helping the environment, but you also help yourself.

Summary: The benefits of bamboo toothbrushes extend beyond their environmental impact. I learned that the material used for the handle has nothing to do with how effective the toothbrush is. It all boils down to how often you brush your teeth and your brushing technique.

What I Wanted You To Know

Plastic toothbrushes are one of the top plastic pollutants in our ocean. About 5 billion plastic toothbrushes are being thrown away every year, and almost all of them are unrecyclable. Using plastic toothbrushes not only drains the oil supply but also pollutes our ocean and harms wildlife.

By making the switch to bamboo toothbrush, you're not only able to instantly reduce your plastic footprint, but also preventing multiple plastic toothbrushes from contributing to the ever-growing problem of plastic pollution.

Recently, more of my friend and family members also started to switch to using bamboo toothbrush. I guess at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you are taking a little step towards reducing your plastic waste in our environment.

Summary: Plastic toothbrushes are a major contributor to ocean pollution, with billions of them being thrown away every year. Fortunately, by switching to bamboo toothbrushes, you can make an immediate impact of reducing your plastic footprint and preventing additional plastic toothbrushes from adding to the ever-growing plastic pollution crisis.

Frequently Asked Questions Relate To This Blog:

Question #1: What do you do with your used bamboo toothbrush?

Answer: I often compost the bamboo handle and recycle the nylon bristles after I'm done with my bamboo toothbrush.

Question #2: I'm curious how often you changes your bamboo toothbrush?

Answer: I change my bamboo toothbrush every 2-3 months. I often look at the bristles, if it is too frayed out, then I switch to using a new toothbrush.

Question #3: Are bamboo toothbrushes more expensive than plastic toothbrushes?

Answer: It depend on the type of toothbrush you planning to buy, but my bamboo toothbrushes are from Ecopify. I bought a year worth of bamboo toothbrush for just $14.95

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